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by blood or whatever

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Hi friends welcome to our one and only album enjoy your stay

This was recorded in my apartment, sorry and thanks to my roommate and neighbors

I did producing and EQ stuff, so direct all complaints to me


released April 18, 2017

Alexa : washboard
Anders : guitar
Hillary : fiddle
Jacob : banjo/mando
Markus : bass & lead vocals

Art by Kat



all rights reserved


blood or whatever Montreal, Québec

DIY folk punk but hey at least we tried

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Track Name: this life so far
Some people people try tell me to divulge what's inside
Stop trying to get through me man, I'll only tell you lies
Hoping I won't cower at the thought of standing tall
I don't have anything nice to say won't say anything at all

My body casts a shadow on the floor from window light
I get the feeling that my silhouette regrets my sorry sight
I sip on my coffee on the off chance it picks me up
But it's pointless chasing little highs, today I've had enough

In the long and winding journey of being who I want to be
I've had no progress at all
just complacency and wake up calls
Life is full of outcomes that I never want to see
There's no time to reminisce
I'd rather wipe my hands of this

A warning passed by me but I disliked what it implied
Instead I disagreed with it and close my blurry eyes
The measure of my blindness made a fool of me
To expect the future that I thought that I would see

I bugged myself for reasons to explain the things I lost
I never found the strength to help myself regardless of the cost
don't know myself enough to know what I would do
There's a billion different outcomes and a million different truths
Track Name: exodus
Thinking of a prettier place
Nowhere specific I recall
I know I'll try and get there soon
If it even exists at all

I'm in tune with where I am
The patterned tiles and the walls
Sing a song that I relate
But it's been on repeat for too long

It speaks of winter
Salted roads, anxiety
The nervous voices propogate
In every angle, surrounding me

This part of town, so tight and tense
Worried for its own events
Unaware it's not alone
Hiding what's already shown

The exodus approaches now
I'm one of many, heeding calls
There are beds in our hometowns
claimed but empty for which we long
Track Name: left 4 good
Were you bothered when she left?
I know I would have been
What will you do when you're left alone
as soon as you let them in

Don't be surprised when it hurts
You're bleeding from your chest
The damage done is visible from
from the exit wound she left

It's unfair to yourself
If you've chosen to forget
All these important memories
just lept out of your head

All that's left behind
Taken for granted with a smile
From all the clothes you've thrown away
just to find your style

No words you say could ever justifty
Bad things you do but never realize
These wounds have festered long enough
It's time you left for good

Have you learned yet to move on?
It's not as easy as it seems
Every step gets higher
as you climb the steps of grief

With constant force applied
It won't be long before you break
How much will you complain
when accepting your new shape?

I think it's time I made a new mistake
There's a dozen habits I still need to break
These wounds aren't healing fast enough
It's time I left for good
Track Name: crumbled
Once again when the morning rose, he woke and he wept
Already longing for the night that he slept
A window breeze disturbing all the dust inside his room
Revealing the belongings that reside within his tomb

With a great deal of effort spent to avoid being seen
He's thinking can't burden anyone with the cloud that follows me.
He can't fall to apathy, nothing makes it hurt
And won't bother telling anyone since attention makes it worse

Some days feel heavier, the hours start to drag
But tomorrow should be better, and probably less sad
Know the past should be a gift but nothing much has changed
It's clear where to see where he's standing on the other side of the cage
Track Name: the worry song
Lately it's been easy to find something to worry about
To act like today is the day that they finally figure you out

There's spice in the drawer and booze in the cabinet
No methods left to fight this bad habit with
Don't have the heart to see this through
No reason left to change without you
I hope someday they'll stop 'cause I'll never win
Running into cars to simulate adrenaline
But I'm held by knots to untie
Left out all my plants to go dry

Lately all the questions I ask have been answered by maybes and whys
How could it be so hard to find another reason just to get by

I'm cold I'm tired and I'm lacking empathy
Understanding others just wasn't meant for me
Second guessing things that I've done
Songs I want to sing have been sung
It's often hard to explain things I've felt
It's easier to project onto someone else
No one left to hear me complain
I guess by now I'm probably insane
Track Name: alice
Your chalk and paint are colored
but your canvas is white
Specks of dust apparent
from your studio light
Expression is obnoxious
So impress what you've seen
Like an awkward situation
conjured up within a dream

oh alice oh alice
don't continue to impede
what you're destined to be
You know it's hard to stop yourself
and never get away
But you just had to do it anyways

This moment or next
you might not recall
Does the last hour or decade
mean anything at all?
Welcome to the quiet room
in which you will sleep
Just wait for revelations
soon enough you'll see

The barrier is stone
with a wrought iron gate
You shake it with a force
with a violent hate
Are the answers found
within this dream youve had again?
You don't think you'll
get anywhere unless
you understand
Track Name: neighborhood
I was turning off the highway
on the exit headed home
This is the only part
of my hometown that I know

The sidewalks have told me
how much things have changed
I've walked down them and agree
Everything seems strange

The town seems more empty
but I don't know what it's lost
I can't remember its landmarks
You would pass it without pause

These new souls have furnished
all this rented space
Ghost stories once haunted
Disappeared without a trace

We are too young to know
What it was truly like
But to us it won't matter
In this chapter of our lives

Wherever we may go now
We'll bring the neighborhood
Remember where we're from
before we leave here for good